SadConsole is pretty simple to get up and running. If you’re working with the starter project included in the source code, you can tweak that to test out engine features.


Once you have a basic SadConsole project up-and-running, use these tutorials to accomplish tasks.


Knowing more about how SadConsole works can help you think your way out of a problem. You will also come to know how to work around the engine features to accomplish your design goals.


These tutorials offer something a bit more in-depth than the basic tutorials. Once you understand the basics and how SadConsole works, these show you more in depth things.

Controls & UI

SadConsole provides a text UI (TUI) system that makes it easy for you to create and use controls like buttons and lists.

Roguelike Tutorials

These tutorials will be replaced with a new series that will be complete. Please do not use these right now. They are just kept here for historical purposes.