It’s been over a year since my last post. Unacceptable! I need to keep up on this.

Over the last year, SadConsole has seen a lot of minor changes and improvement. A few new controls were added, various input bugs fixed, windowing adjust, it’s been fun. SadConsole as a whole is pretty solid and good. I now want to start playing with some fun enhancements such as angled cells, cell decorations (such as underline), TrueType fonts, that kind of fun stuff.

The next major release (it has to be a major release because some things are breaking) is going to be 7.0. I’ve created a GitHub project to track all of things to be adressed. Some things may get cut and new items may be added. If you have an idea, please add a new issue to the repository.

I have a few more blog posts coming up soon, with screenshots and all! Stay tuned…